A Nation Born

Serious Group Photo

In the year 1017, at the annual Black & White Masquerade celebration, something special happened. Before the Realms and the royals of Chimeron, the new nation of Voraniss stepped forth to formally declare itself and its intentions.

The lands of Darkspire are no more. The inhabitants now dwell under a new banner signifying great changes to come to their forested society; the first of which was a new name. Voraniss used to be the only proper settlement within the territory, an old haunted fishing village that didn’t see much use due to its eerie atmosphere. After being cleansed, its name was taken as inspiration for this new civilization of Lycans and magical refugees.

Hygar Athame, former Lycan Lord of Darkspire, will lead the nation; and has taken the title of Archdruid. He is backed by his second in command: High Druid Gavin the Green, Child of Gaia and Journeyman Magus.

During the day’s events, the group convened to participate in a ritual of cleansing to deal with the corruption that had been centered around the fishing village. They had discovered a restless spirit there, a Druid whose noble intentions had been twisted by the manner of his death, and in order for their land to be safe they needed to deal with this problem once and for all.

Together they formed a sacred circle dedicated to the elements of creation. Mouse stood in the place of Earth, with Esther the Fisher Cat acting as her Elemental Anchor. Lyra stood for Water and was anchored by Cora, Stewhart stood for Fire and was supported by Varrmagn, and last but not least was Gavin standing in the place of Air with Wynn as his back up. Hygar stood at the center of the circle where all the magical energy combined, taking the symbolic place of the essence of “Spirit.”

There was an explosion of multi-colored lights and the troubled ghost vanished. He was replaced by a vial of sacred Earth that Hygar had previously created, and the vial petrified; turning to stone and planting itself into the ground. A column of light shot up out of the object, and one by one the party saw the power of the Elements purge away the layers of corruption. They realized in that moment, that their quest had been completed and the land was going to be okay. Together they rejoiced, and the Elemental Anchors spoke words of gratitude to respectfully close out the circle.

All in all it was an eventful day for the group, and they returned home exhausted; dreaming of a promised chocolate cake…



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