Welcome to Voraniss, a LARP nation of the Realms community! Our small group, founded in 2017, is really excited to introduce ourselves and tell you what we’re all about. We want to share our fun and passion with you, thus why we’re expanding into the blogosphere!

LARP has been a creative outlet for many of us for a long time. From table-top D&D sessions to improvisational theatre, and educational problem solving methodology, LARP has proven itself to be a diverse hobby that welcomes people of all backgrounds. It teaches us teamwork, leadership, and skills that have practical real world application. Through it, we can challenge ourselves to explore new ideas and crafts outside of our traditional comfort zones. It gets us outside and moving, all while meeting new people!

The purpose of the Voraniss blog is two-fold. Firstly, we’re going to be introducing you to all of our members, their ideas, their experiences, and their creativity.  This may include arts and crafts tutorials, fiction, poetry, and interviews, as well as potential plot teasers for future events. We want you to know what is going on within the nation, and we want to celebrate it with your support! Secondly, we want to explore issues that come up in LARP and the gaming community. If you’re here, you probably have at least an inkling of curiosity about such things; so we’re going to do our best to accommodate you too.

In an ideal world we will aim to post new content at least every two weeks. Wish us luck, and thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you all on the field! Happy LARPing!

When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.