Athame Armory

Athame Armory

Run by award winning leatherworker Archdruid Hygar Athame, the armory is the official shop of Voraniss. We accept the funny green money, as well as your gold and other trinkets you might wish to trade. We always have a use for leather, bones, antlers, furs and the like.

Sylvan Pauldrons Side
The pauldrons that won the QoH 2017 Armourer Tourney.

We specialize in creating leather armor for all your adventuring needs, whether it be the savage/tribal look or something more glamorous. Need a pair of bracers, a helm for your noggin, or a pauldron to complete that noble and knightly look? We have the power to do that!

The fun doesn’t stop there either. We also enjoy building accessories such as belts, pouches, masks and jewelry. Stop by our Facebook group for a more complete look at our repertoire and pictures of our many projects.

Ultimately, we strive to make quality costumes and garb pieces affordable to the LARP community at large. This does mean, however, that we can get a little busy. There may be a waitlist for commissions, but we hope to make every minute worth it by delivering something you can be proud to wear.

If interested, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hygar (Derek Booke) or Mouse (Renee Booke). We will be happy to discuss potential projects, prices, and wait times for those interested. The best way to reach us is Facebook messenger. Mouse is far more likely to check email/ravens than Hygar is. Thanks for stopping by!

Arcane Bracers
Arcane bracers for a wizard on the go.





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