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Spotlight On: Archdruid Hygar Athame

Hygar QoH

For this next segment, we plan on interviewing members more in depth about their experiences in the Realms. To start, I grabbed our leader and started bombarding him with questions until he looked like he wanted to take a nap.

Q: When did you first start adventuring? And what was it like for you?

A: North/South War back in year 999. I came with my OOC brother Draco (Darrin Booke), and wore a bedsheet and a cat mask. In typical first event fashion…I died a lot.

Q: What part of the Realms do you enjoy the most? Why?

A: Questing and Roleplay. Probably because I enjoy creative problem solving. I think of both of these things as outlets that I don’t get in my everyday life.

Hygar & Khol
Hygar & Khol @ B&W 2004

Q: Are you a fighter or a caster? Have you always been one ooor…?

A: I started off as an alchemist. I thought I would like it because it seemed like it had a lot of utility. It ended up not being a good fit and I switched to taking Regionals pretty quickly after that and ended up loving it. When Mythguard ended up needing fighters I switched over and picked up a pike for awhile, but ultimately I enjoy being a caster more than anything else.

Q: What -are- you?

A: I started the game as a Rakshasa after flipping through a monster manual and finding what I liked the best. <.< It was during Wrake plot that I combined with a member of the Hidden Order named Terran. When I was later purified during the fight against Orcus and all the evil was removed from me, all that was left was Terran and I became what he was: A werewolf.

Q: What is the most challenging situation you’ve faced in your Realms career?

A: Probably being a part of Clan Defender. It happened when the Realms was storming Wayland’s Fortress and the Church of Vandor decided to stay behind and fight to give everyone a chance to escape. There was a high likelihood of losing my character, and the danger felt so real. It was deeply moving to see so many people putting their lives on the line and the emotionality of that RP moment has been hard to top since.

Q: Is there an accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?

A: This year I competed in the Queen of Hearts Armourer Tourney and got perfect marks from all the judges. That’s never happened before for me, and I was really proud of it. It was also the fifth year I’d won so it kind of felt like a big deal. I’m also really excited about just having been inducted into the Order of the Peacock!

Q: Do you have a best friend IC?

A: I would have to say Mouse (who is also my OOC wife). She gets along really well with Hygar and continually puts up with my antics.

Q: Do you have any advice to give to other players?

A: Be true to your character. You’ll have some really great RP moments if you don’t go chasing after everything and instead wait to find a good fit. That being said, you should try talking to a wide variety of people and personalities even if you don’t like someone at first. You’d be surprised how many people you might clash with IC, but end up thinking they are great OOC.


Hygar &amp; Mouse at Black &amp; White 2017
Hygar & Mouse @ Black & White 2017