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Voraniss Voices: Issue #1


Voraniss Voices Issue 1, Page 1

Voraniss Voices Issue 1, Page 21200px-Crescent.svg


Voraniss Voices Issue 1, Page 31200px-Crescent.svg

Voraniss Voices Issue 1, Page 4


Artist’s Corner With Seeker Cora


Sarah's Hygar & Mouse Drawing (2)
Mouse & Hygar as wolves!


One of the things that Voraniss encourages is craftsmanship and the pursuit of artistic excellence no matter what a person’s passions are. One of our members in particular never fails to impress with her art. The pencil drawing above was created by Cora who is only thirteen years old (currently the youngest member of Voraniss) and enjoys sketching out a wide variety of wild creatures that includes dragons, ponies, and werewolves. She also enjoys writing and has recently started dabbling in creating some of her own poetry. She is always busy coming up with new kinds of monsters and prefers drawing them to everyday people.