Culture, Customs & Laws


Voraniss is, first and foremost, a nation that promotes family and the strength of the whole. As many of the inhabitants of the country are Lycans, pack mentality has bled over into many of the everyday cultural practices. You look out for one another, and you appear as a unified front during tumultuous times. No one is left behind, for if you do not value your comrades you do not value life. The bond of family and friends is a magic that transcends language, and we all strive to support one another in achieving not only our group goals but our individual ones as well.

Wynn & Mouse
Wynn & Mouse!

As a nation, we hope to promote excellence in costuming and crafting. We want our members to have fun and look great while doing it. Secondly, we want to help expand immersion and RP within the Realms. All of our members are encouraged to really have a sense of their characters and where their magic comes from. Thirdly, we want to focus on team building and questing as a unit.


Voraniss is still in the new stages of civilization, so there aren’t as many formal laws as other established nations and territories. Most of the wild creatures understand that the Druid King’s word is law, and they are not likely to contest his judgment considering the utopia he has helped build for them. That being said, a few rules had to be put into place for visitors and guests:

1200px-Crescent.svg The forest is our sanctuary, waste not what it provides.

1200px-Crescent.svg Outsiders are strictly prohibited from harming wildlife under Voraniss’ protection. Any such acts done for survival shall be deferred to the pack Druid King for judgement.

1200px-Crescent.svg Upon arriving in Voraniss, all silver coin and items must be declared to an available Magistrate. Furthermore, all individuals seeking to carry silver weapons must seek licensure through the Magistrate’s office and pay all relevant fees.

1200px-Crescent.svg Any Wolfsbane found within Voraniss must immediately be turned over to the Magistrate’s office.

1200px-Crescent.svg Any attempt to subjugate the spirits living within the borders of Voraniss shall be met with swift expulsion or execution.

Customs & Values

Vorannis raven digital


Animal symbolism is used all over our territory. The locals all have various totems they connect with on a deeply personal level. Our heraldry thusly reflects this love of piety and spiritual wellbeing. A displayed raven in a field of blue and white is rising towards the light of the crescent moon and signifies to us that this spiritual purity, or the idea that nature is a divine treasure, is something worth fighting for. The field of black at the top is, of course, representative of the night sky; a source of strength for a large portion of the population who happen to be Lycans as previously mentioned.

Protecting Hygar

Voraniss also has a pretty specific pantheon of Realms deities that it acknowledges and respects. This includes Gaia, Luna, Vandor, and more recently Siltana. In many ways, the people believe these Gods best represent what is familiar to them: Earth, Sky, and the Hunter. All natural forces are respected within the lands, and you can also find shrines and sacred temples to great and power animal spirits scattered throughout the landscape.

Also worth noting is the blue paint you might find a member of Voraniss wearing upon their face. These markings are intended to be spells of protection, typically sported when going into battle or when the veil is thin between the worlds.

Many of the stories and legends that come out of Voraniss are steeped in a rich oral history and haven’t been recorded in written format. This is largely due to the hunter/gatherer lifestyle that until recently was the norm for a large segment of the population.

Major exports include leather, furs, lumber and meat. Most of Voraniss’ resources have yet to be utilized to their full potential due to the fact that many corners of the forest are still wild. This makes it a valuable target for poachers who enter the guarded borders at their own risk. Needless to say, these uninvited hunters are not welcomed with open arms.


When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.

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