August of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svgHygar & Mouse win the Armourer tournament at the annual Queen of Hearts competition. For Hygar, it was his fifth time winning in this category.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar is Squired to Sir Therian & the Knights of the Hinterlands.

1200px-Crescent.svgMouse wins the “Most Inspirational” award for her Queen of Hearts team.

September of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is made a Templar in the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar begins his trials to become the Sacred of Earth.

1200px-Crescent.svg Gavin arrives in Darkspire to assist in the cleansing of the corrupted lands.

1200px-Crescent.svg Wynn is discovered in Osag’s grove and joins the questing party in their efforts to protect the forest and swampland.

1200px-Crescent.svg Varrmagn helps fend off poachers on the eastern borders, allowing the Wolves to turn their attention to the corruption problem.

1200px-Crescent.svg Lyra begins to study the nature of the corruption so that a lasting cure might be found.

1200px-Crescent.svgAmara studies herbs and plant life within Darkspire, experimenting for a cure and creating potions to protect the locals.

October of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Stewhart is found within the forest, having followed Gavin. He joins in on the efforts to help the land.

1200px-Crescent.svg Esther the Fisher Cat is also found wandering around a little lost. The pack agrees to take her in and offer her a home.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar is made a member of the Order of the Peacock.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mouse wins “Best Dressed” at Black & White.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar leads a ritual with Gavin, Mouse, Lyra, Stewhart to solve the corruption problem once and for all. Varrmagn, Wynn, Esther and Cora act as Elemental Anchors.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kora is made Hygar’s Apprentice, and declared a Druid in Training.

1200px-Crescent.svg The new nation of Voraniss is made official at the annual Black & White Masquerade; Darkspire is renamed in honor of the cleansed village and territory. Hygar takes the title of Archdruid and makes Gavin his High Druid and second in command as gratitude for his leadership during the battle against the corruption.

November of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Tel’thas the Elf arrives in Voraniss looking for a forest sanctuary to call home.

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair meets the rest of Voraniss after having crawled out of his den to fight the corruption he had sensed.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mogar, determined to find a place where he belongs, takes refuge within the lands of Voraniss.

December of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss conducts their first sacred Yuletide ritual at UCCT, and all members present place their mark upon the oathing stone and give their offerings to the spirits.

1200px-Crescent.svg The first Druids of the Circle are announced and titled. Hygar is named Druid of the Storm, Gavin is named Druid of the Green, Wynn is named Druid of the Spring, Stewhart is named Druid of the Hunt, Lyra is named Druid of the Grave, and Kindrianna is named Druid of the Faithful.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mogar saves Yule and introduces everyone to Orcish Yuletide Carols.

January of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss wins best new and upcoming group in the View from Valehaven Awards. Archdruid Hygar, High Druid Gavin, and Kindrianna sweep the category for Best Roleplaying of Magic by a spellcaster in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. High Druid Gavin wins Best Dressed, Kindrianna also takes 3rd. Archdruid Hygar wins the title of Best Craftsperson. Kindrianna wins 2nd place for Best Bard. Varrmagn wins 3rd place for Best Newbie to round out a very productive and proud year for the nation.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is made a Knight of the Sable Dragon, taking the title of Dame.

1200px-Crescent.svg The Church of Vandor swears in Lord Sir Vawn Coupant as the newest Templar.

February of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie arrives in Voraniss looking to settle there and make a life for herself.

1200px-Crescent.svg Thoril speaks with Hygar about his intentions to join the peoples of Voraniss.

March of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Gundulf is taken in by Hygar and Kindrianna and put under their tutelage as he learns what it means to be a Lycan.

1200px-Crescent.svg The peoples of Voraniss adventure to the lands of New Verai to celebrate Cerwyden. Hygar and Esther are attacked by a lich acting as a puppet for some higher evil. Assassins also seemed to be targeting Voraniss, leaving many villagers uneasy about relations between the two countries.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tel’thas wins Best Dressed in New Verai.

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair, Mogar, and Evie are given the task of tracking down a three tailed serpent and slaying the violent beast by the Druids of the Circle.



When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.

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