August of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svgHygar & Mouse win the Armourer tournament at the annual Queen of Hearts competition. For Hygar, it was his fifth time winning in this category.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar is Squired to Sir Therian & the Knights of the Hinterlands.

1200px-Crescent.svgMouse wins the “Most Inspirational” award for her Queen of Hearts team.

September of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is made a Templar in the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar begins his trials to become the Sacred of Earth.

1200px-Crescent.svg Gavin arrives in Darkspire to assist in the cleansing of the corrupted lands.

1200px-Crescent.svg Wynn is discovered in Osag’s grove and joins the questing party in their efforts to protect the forest and swampland.

1200px-Crescent.svg Varrmagn helps fend off poachers on the eastern borders, allowing the Wolves to turn their attention to the corruption problem.

1200px-Crescent.svgAmara studies herbs and plant life within Darkspire, experimenting for a cure and creating potions to protect the locals.

October of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Stewhart is found within the forest, having followed Gavin. He joins in on the efforts to help the land.

1200px-Crescent.svg Esther the Fisher Cat is also found wandering around a little lost. The pack agrees to take her in and offer her a home.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar is made a member of the Order of the Peacock.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mouse wins “Best Dressed” at Black & White.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar leads a ritual with Gavin, Mouse, and Stewhart to solve the corruption problem once and for all. Varrmagn, Wynn, and Esther act as Elemental Anchors.

1200px-Crescent.svg The new nation of Voraniss is made official at the annual Black & White Masquerade; Darkspire is renamed in honor of the cleansed village and territory. Hygar takes the title of Archdruid and makes Gavin his High Druid and second in command as gratitude for his leadership during the battle against the corruption.

November of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair meets the rest of Voraniss after having crawled out of his den to fight the corruption he had sensed.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mogar, determined to find a place where he belongs, takes refuge within the lands of Voraniss.

December of 1017

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss conducts their first sacred Yuletide ritual at UCCT, and all members present place their mark upon the oathing stone and give their offerings to the spirits.

1200px-Crescent.svg The first Druids of the Circle are announced and titled. Hygar is named Druid of the Storm, Gavin is named Druid of the Green, Wynn is named Druid of the Spring, Stewhart is named Druid of the Hunt, and Kindrianna is named Druid of the Faithful.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mogar saves Yule and introduces everyone to Orcish Yuletide Carols.

January of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss wins best new and upcoming group in the View from Valehaven Awards. Archdruid Hygar, High Druid Gavin, and Kindrianna sweep the category for Best Roleplaying of Magic by a spellcaster in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. High Druid Gavin wins Best Dressed, Kindrianna also takes 3rd. Archdruid Hygar wins the title of Best Craftsperson. Kindrianna wins 2nd place for Best Bard. Varrmagn wins 3rd place for Best Newbie to round out a very productive and proud year for the nation.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is made a Knight of the Sable Dragon, taking the title of Dame.

1200px-Crescent.svg The Church of Vandor swears in Lord Sir Vawn Coupant as the newest Templar.

February of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie arrives in Voraniss looking to settle there and make a life for herself.

1200px-Crescent.svg Thoril speaks with Hygar about his intentions to join the peoples of Voraniss.

March of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Gundulf is taken in by Hygar and Kindrianna and put under their tutelage as he learns what it means to be a Lycan.

1200px-Crescent.svg The peoples of Voraniss adventure to the lands of New Verai to celebrate Cerwyden. Hygar and Esther are attacked by a lich acting as a puppet for some higher evil. Assassins also seemed to be targeting Voraniss, leaving many villagers uneasy about relations between the two countries.

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair, Mogar, and Evie are given the task of tracking down a three-tailed serpent and slaying the violent beast by the Druids of the Circle.

May of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss begins negotiations with the Broken Spears for a potential alliance, offering them the ruined city of Kenkilit for as long as they fight to protect the lands.

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair is promoted to the rank of Villager, and High Druid Gavin takes him on as a Seeker.

1200px-Crescent.svg Mogar is promoted to the rank of Villager and welcomed as a full member of Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is made a Lady of Voraniss and uses her power to adopt Wynn and make her a part of the family.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tempest is made the first dual citizen of Voraniss and is also adopted by Kindrianna and Hygar.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar takes on Stewhart as his Acolyte in the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss is defeated in combat by the Night Pack, and the entire nation swears an oath of vengeance upon them.

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie takes 4th place in the One Woman Unlimited tournament at Creathorne.

1200px-Crescent.svg Thoril wins 1st place in the Mixed Drink tournament at Creathorne and is made Squire to the Knights of the Steward.

1200px-Crescent.svg Dresden O’Leary is made part of the pack.

1200px-Crescent.svg Lady Kindrianna takes Tempest as her first Acolyte in the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss and the Broken Spears sign an official treaty at the Tournaments of Creathorne, and Helkias, Elowen, Asher, & Quatra decide to settle along with their Commander Cronin Barbaria.

1200px-Crescent.svg Sagart ventures into Voraniss looking to settle and find a new home.

1200px-Crescent.svg The Realms mourns the loss of Pewsadef; who died a hero restoring the Commander of the Order of the Searing Light to life.

June of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie wins 1st place in the Bardic Tournament at Rathkeale.

1200px-Crescent.svg The mines of Kenkilit are opened due to the efforts of the Broken Spears.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar begins forging the first holy blade of the Church of Siltana.

July of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg  Evie is made a full Villager of Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie becomes the first elected Magistrate of Voraniss, and Varrmagn is made a Warden to help her enforce the laws.

1200px-Crescent.svg Commander Cronin Barbaria of the Broken Spears Free Company is named Druid of the Mountain.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss conducts its first Summer Solstice wish burning ceremony, and those present who were willing made their mark upon the oathing stone.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tulkhan, a small wolf without a pack, ventures into Voraniss looking to settle and find his place.

1200px-Crescent.svg Sebastian the wanderer alchemist decides to team up and adventure with Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svgRuthade becomes the newest Settler of Voraniss, joining his comrades in the Broken Spears.

1200px-Crescent.svg Using a “wish coin,” High Priestess Kindrianna and the Vandor followers in attendance at Blackwood Tournaments VII restored the God of Vengeance to his place in the heavens; freeing him from the sword he inhabited since the end of the war against Bedlam. As a token of his appreciation, he gifted all present a “Shard of Remembrance” to be used in a moment of dire need.

1200px-Crescent.svg The Sacred of Spirit appears before Voraniss and grants Mogar use of Flametongue; the first holy weapon of the Church of Siltana. He is named Protectorate and becomes Chela Hygar’s champion.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss helps lead a multi-nation ritual to protect the Realms from the magic leeching powers of the lich they encountered at Feast of Verai, and know they will soon encounter again.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna begins ordering construction on a large and formal Cathedral dedicated to Vandor in the mountains north of Calandia.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tulkhan becomes a Champion of Artemis, vowing to protect her even after she sacrificed her divinity to destroy the last remaining bone of Wrake. He chooses Artair and Bart to assist him in defending her Temple in Chimeron.

August of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Artair wins the “Newbie” Tournament at Queen of Hearts, helping Team Phoenix along its path to victory.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar wins the Three Path and Armourer Tournaments at Queen of Hearts, while his Lady, Kindrianna, receives the Team MVP accolade.

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie and Tulkhan both win the Most Inspirational accolades for their respective Queen of Hearts teams.

1200px-Crescent.svg Evie receives Blue Sapling at Feast of Folkestone.

1200px-Crescent.svg Through the efforts of a joint ritual, the Moonlight Blade is repaired and gifted to young lycanthrope Tulkhan for safekeeping.

September of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss hosts its first autumnal feast around the bonfire to celebrate the harvest.

1200px-Crescent.svg Helkias, Elowen, Tulkhan, and Thoril are all promoted to Villagers and made full members of Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svg Commander Cronin Barbaria adopts Elowen as his heir and daughter.

1200px-Crescent.svg Stewhart, Druid of the Hunt, wins Voraniss’ first “Wild Hunt.”

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss and Blackwood negotiate and announce an alliance which is celebrated by a beautiful joint performance by Evie and Pilpus.

1200px-Crescent.svg The first Realms-wide meeting of Druids takes place under the guidance of Pilpus, who declares his support for Hygar as a potential future Sacred of Earth.

1200px-Crescent.svg Hygar helps found the Realms Artisan Guild which focuses on teaching and education of a variety of crafts and creative techniques.

1200px-Crescent.svg Elizah creates the Order of the Lunar Aegis, an all-female Knighthood in the Realms. Lady Kindrianna is one of the founding members and aids in this endeavor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss leads another large ritual in an attempt to gather information about their foes the “Strangers From Beyond the Stars.” Many from the Realms participate, seeking to become worthy of their own Gods.

October of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Elowen is made Hygar’s Valet in the Order of the Peacock.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tempest is a made a Villager and full-fledged member of Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svg Helkias becomes a Warden of Voraniss.

1200px-Crescent.svg Thoril performs a large public ritual of devotion to Luna, continuing on his quest to become her Champion.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss votes on whether or not they wish to become a Kingdom. The lands have not seen a monarch since Mon’ghora’s death during the War of the Giants.

November of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna forges “Last Stand” with Vandor’s aid to help in the war against the Strangers.

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna joins the staff of the View from Valehaven.

December of 1018

1200px-Crescent.svg Helkias Blackraven returns to Corbach.

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss conducts its second annual sacred Yuletide ritual, during which Sagart makes his mark upon the oathing stone, and Aven’dar announces his intention to join with his old friends.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tempest is made a Knight of Chaos, almost sparking an international incident in the process!

1200px-Crescent.svg Kindrianna is sucked into an amoeba twice in one month and begins to develop a complex about it.

1200px-Crescent.svg Tulkhan becomes a member of Hygar’s bloodline during the Yuletide ritual.

January of 1019

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss wins Best Up & Coming Group in the View from Valehaven Awards for the second year in a row! Cronin and Artair win 1st and 2nd Place for Best Newbie, Evie receives 1st Place as Best Bard, Realms Outfitters receives a long overdue 1st Place for Best Vendor, and Archdruid Hygar wins 1st Place for Best Craftsperson and 2nd for Best Artist. Kindrianna places 1st in Best Role Model and takes home three 1st place Awards for her contributions to the View from Valehaven. High Druid Gavin takes 2nd Place for Best Dressed while Hygar and Kindrianna tie for 3rd. Kindrianna and Hygar also win 1st and 3rd Place for Best Mentor while Mogar takes 2nd Place in Best Roleplaying by a Player Character. Lastly, Kindrianna and Thoril win 2nd and 3rd Place for Best Roleplaying of Magic by a Spellcaster. The nation goes home celebrating its many talented members.

March of 1019

1200px-Crescent.svg Voraniss ventures into hell to aid Templar Vawn Coupant on his holy Vandor given quest to free Garm, the God of Balance. The quest is successful, but two friends from Eagle’s Rook are lost: Jamie Noble and Kamirra Montegue. Sir Vawn ascends to become the immortal Avatar of Vandor and is sung into the Summerlands by High Priestess Kindrianna.

April of 1019

1200px-Crescent.svg  Voraniss summons Othorion Elderheart, the Totem of the Stag, and crowns Hygar Athame as her Druid King, inviting all the peoples of her forests and swamps to come and celebrate the special occasion. Friends and allies from all over the Realms are also in attendance.

1200px-Crescent.svg Siltana names Hygar as her Sacred of Earth after enduring every trial she has placed before him for the past several years.

1200px-Crescent.svg Acolyte Stewhart receives a chevron for completing the Trial of the Defender in the eyes of the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Aven’dar takes Mogar Ironblood as an Acolyte to the Church of Vandor.

1200px-Crescent.svg Asher is made a Villager and acknowledged as a full-fledged citizen of Voraniss.



When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.

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