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Druid King Hygar Athame:

Leader of Voraniss and respected Alpha Wolf, Hygar towers over most others quite literally. Known as the Duke of Storms, and a proud Templar of Vandor, Hygar has a long history of being an accomplished adventurer who specializes in regional magics. He is also a celebrated leatherworker in the Realms who has received numerous victories in crafting tournaments for his armor. Hygar was recently inducted into the Order of the Peacock and Squired to Sir Therian and the Knights of the Hinterlands.

Gavin B&White 2017

High Druid Gavin the Green:

Second in command, Gavin is Hygar’s voice when he cannot speak. A fun and feisty spirit, Gavin strives to protect the lands as a child of Gaia. Often referred to as the fairest maiden in all the Realms, Gavin is a proud member of the Order of the Peacock and strives for excellence in prop building, costuming, and fashion. On top of all of this, Gavin founded the Medics Guild to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of all people and was promoted out of the Order of the Magi as a Journeyman Mage.

Mouse B&W 2017

Lady Kindrianna Athame a/k/a Mouse:

Hygar’s self-appointed wrangler, and Knight of the Sable Dragon, Mouse can be found always looking out for members of Voraniss and worrying about their wellbeing like a protective mama bear. As the new High Priestess of the Church of Vandor, Mouse is passionate about spiritual matters and communing with the Gods. She enjoys helping organize projects, designing armor and garb, and scribing stories and songs. Many of her efforts can be read in the View from Valehaven publication.


Seeker Artair:

A former champion of Gaia, Artair took what he believed to be the long vigil. He turned to his bear form and let the beast take control for many years, awakening into a world that was not familiar to him. He ventured forth out of his den and soon found himself in Voraniss where he has vowed to continue his work against the corruption of the natural world; and ponder on the true nature of Gaia.

More Craig B&W

Acolyte Stewhart:

If he told you what he was doing, he’d have to kill you. Stewhart is an accomplished scout and hunter who recently made his home within Voraniss after following his nephew, Gavin. Quiet but steadfast, he acts as the solid backbone of the group and is always keeping a watchful eye out for danger. Not much is known about his personal life, so he presents as a little bit of a mystery to outsiders.

Wynn B&W 2017


Fallen from the stars, Wynn is a sweet celestial bear in search of a tasty snack. She still isn’t used to life in the Realms, but she’s learning. Recently introduced to plates and cups, she’s fascinated by the smallest details of our daily lives. She’s curious and a little shy, but very attached to her new friends. Wynn wants to learn enough to help protect the pack, and won’t hesitate to raise a spear in its defense. Blessed by the great bear spirit Osag that dwells deep within the forest of Voraniss, Wynn is a kind adventurer with a pure heart.

Dsaps B&W 2017

Varrmagn Stigandr:

One of the only humans to ever seek refuge in the forests of Voraniss, Varrmagn is a loyal soldier and competent woodsman. Always striving to sharpen his skills with the sword and shield, he is a warrior before anything else; a defender of the Pack that welcomed him when others wouldn’t. Offering Vandor begrudging respect, Varrmagn is one of the first people to answer a call for aid. When he’s not adventuring, he can be found working on various construction projects around Voraniss and helping the locals learn how to best utilize their ample lumber supply.

Cat B&W 2017

Esther the Fisher Cat:

The newest member of the pack as of Black & White 2017, Esther was found wandering around the forest a little lost. She enjoys digging holes and attempting to walk on two legs, which can be quite challenging for her. Curious about the outside world, everything is still new and exciting to Esther. She excitedly volunteers for missions and quests, never knowing exactly what she’s going to get into.


Mogar Ironblood:

Exiled from his homeland, Mogar was a lone Orc on a quest to find a home for himself. A proud and aggressive warrior, he struggles to navigate a world filled with rules and social expectations that he doesn’t quite understand. Battle, on the other hand, is something he understands intimately; and you can usually find him leading the charge when Voraniss must march into conflict.

Awesome Cronin Pic

Commander Cronin Barbaria: 

As Commander of The Broken Spears Free Company, Cronin was fortunate to have signed a treaty with Arch-Druid Hygar and ensure the prosperity for his people. Hygar and Kindrianna gifted him the mighty angel blade Azure Wrath and named him “Druid of the Mountain” as he would stand vigil in Kenkilit and defend Voraniss from the threats to the east. With his new position, he balances his responsibilities as a field commander and seasoned diplomat to the benefit of Voraniss and its peoples. Around the campfire, he is often found playing music, drinking mead and raising the spirits of his countrymen but on the battlefield he is grim and focused, knowing all too well the cost of war.

Cute Evie

Evitta Jainrose Blackthorn a/k/a Evie:

Newly appointed Magistrate of Voraniss, Evie is a kind-hearted human. After the destruction of the Isle of the Seven Sons, she wandered through the Realms as a nomad. She settled in the lands of Voraniss at the conclusion of the winter months, taking refuge in the tavern of Voraniss proper. Evie is most commonly found sitting by a fire, warming her hands and singing a tune. When she isn’t there, she may be wandering around the forests of Voraniss, assisting plants in their growth, or traveling to different nations on diplomatic missions. Evie is passionate about helping others and is a member of the Medics Guild. A follower of Gaia, she credits her healing abilities to her deity. Her love for her country can be noted in some of the songs she writes, and she is fiercely loyal to her people.

Elowen and Varrmagn In Battle (2)

Elowen Barbaria:

Elowen Barbaria is the adopted daughter of Cronin Barbaria. Her style and magnetic presence are only matched by her prowess in battle. As a high ranking member of the Broken Spears and an important part of the Voranian front line, she fights with passion and strength to defend her people from things that go bump in the night. When she isn’t fighting, she is sewing her own clothes or sharing her wood-elven culture through food, drink, and tales of glory.

Helkias Looks On

Helkias Blackraven:

Helkias Blackraven, Captain of the Broken Spears, Warden of Kenkilit, and shield brother to Cronin. The salty dwarfkind is an accomplished warrior, smithy, and the closest Kenkilit has to a librarian. With his newfound faith in Vandor, and love for his new nation, he rarely takes a day off from axe, hammer, or quill. Don’t speak into his right ear.

Amara UCCT 2017

Amara Shael:

Amara is an Elf that has taken up residence within Voraniss due to its vast collection of herbs and undisturbed wilderness. She specializes in brewing potions, telling fortunes, and telling the others which plants are edible and which ones are not. She is a cheerful soul, and always grateful for company even if she seems a little distracted. She worships both Gaia and Luna, maintaining a healthy respect for the natural world and all its glory.

Tulchan Ready to Brawl

Tulkhan, the Littlest Wolf:

When Tulkhan was born he was the smallest Werewolf in a litter of six purebloods; all pups belonging to the Beta of his pack. The pack was one that believed in strength above all else, and that the weak had no place in this world. They took what they wanted when they wanted it. Being the runt of his litter, Tulkhan was told from birth that he was worth less than nothing and that he would never survive. One custom of this pack was to have a litter, and when the pups reached the age of seven they were thrown into a pit together and told that only one of them would leave alive. Tulkhan was not the strongest, nor toughest, in his litter; but he was the most ferocious. Upon leaving the pit and showing his strength he was given a token from the Alpha who accepted him into the pack fully. For fourteen years Tulkhan served his pack faithfully; no matter what was asked of him. His pack flourished, but their pride and disregard for who they hurt was ultimately their undoing. Other packs who they had attacked and tried to push around joined together and wiped out Tulkhan’s existing pack. Tulkhan should have died that day during the attack but showed his strength once again by pulling himself back from the brink of death. Tulkhan, now homeless, packless, and friendless, wandered the lands looking for something. Anything. That’s when he heard about Voraniss, what they had done, what they could do. He heard about not only their strength but their kindness; their love for everyone in their nation. And so Tulkhan set off to find this “Light pack” in the hopes that they could one day overlook what he had done, what he was made to do, and still accept him. One day.


When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.

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