Structure of Voraniss


Druid King Hygar Athame

Current Acting: Hygar Athame

Responsibilities: The Druid King is the leader of Voraniss, which means that he has the overarching responsibility for making sure its people are safe and cared for. He is both a guardian and a commander during times of peace and war, respectively. He leads our rituals, guides our people towards their goals, and organizes our forces. If an internal dispute should arise, it will be the Druid King that deals with it to bring order back to our ranks. The Druid King is also in the unique position of being able to create the “court” of Voraniss or any titled positions that he deems necessary to the wellbeing of Voraniss. If the Druid King ever feels that he can no longer fulfill these duties, then it is his responsibility to make sure command is assumed by another, and the transfer of power takes place peacefully.


High Druid

Current Acting: Gavin the Green

Responsibilities: The High Druid is the Druid King’s right-hand man, and thusly has the responsibility of helping share the burden of leadership when the Druid King cannot lead, or when his aid is requested. In many respects, the High Druid is like an advisor and shall be consulted for his thoughts and wisdom before major decisions are made. He shares in the task of keeping the peace, leading rituals and developing the cultural traditions of Voraniss, as well as helping the individual members achieve their goals and utilize their unique strengths. If something should happen to the Archdruid, or the Druid King is not present in a dangerous situation, the High Druid immediately takes command and has the authority to make important decisions on the nation’s behalf. High Druids are chosen/named by the Druid King in power.


Lady of Voraniss

Current Acting: Kindrianna Athame

Responsibilities: The Lady of Voraniss is the Druid King’s other hand, and here to support both him and the High Druid. She shares in the burden of leadership when aid is requested and acts as an advisor when her wisdom is required. Much like the High Druid, the Lady will share in the task of keeping the peace, leading rituals, and developing the cultural traditions of Voraniss; and assisting her members in achieving their dreams. If something should happen to the Druid King and the High Druid, and neither of them is around to lead, command would fall to the Lady and she would be given the authority to make important decisions on the nation’s behalf. The Lady of Voraniss is chosen/named by the Druid King in power with input from the High Druid.


Circle of Druids

Current Members: Hygar, Gavin, Kindrianna, Stewhart, Wynn & Cronin

Responsibilities: The Circle currently consists of the original five, or those that helped found the nation, and Commander Cronin Barbaria as agreed upon per the treaty signed betwixt Voraniss and the Broken Spears. Often referred to as “the council” of Voraniss, they are granted the title of “Druid” and are responsible for being the voice of other members and voting on issues such as membership, or other matters that the Druid King, Lady, or High Druid might bring to the table that affects the entire nation. They will focus on both promoting the values of Voraniss in the Realms and training other members of the nation to become responsible citizens so that when the time comes to invite other souls into the Circle, they are adequately prepared.



Current Seekers:  Artair

Responsibilities: Seekers are Druids in training and are directly apprenticing under one of the members of the Circle. They have the same responsibilities as a Villager, but with the unique task of learning to become one of the Druidic Order. They will be given their own personal trials and challenges from their mentor, but will also be expected to participate in group rituals and sit in on Circle meetings as they learn more about the governing/ decision-making process behind the leadership of Voraniss. A Seeker’s education, while largely spiritual, is intended to prepare them for leadership both within Voraniss, and the Realms at large.


Current Magistrate: Evie (will hold office for 1 year until next election)


1.) Making sure the laws of Voraniss are followed by all visitors and denizens.

2.) Greeting visitors and answering questions about the laws of Voraniss.

3.) Registering and documenting all silver or silver goods that move through our borders.

4.) Confiscating all illegally grown Wolfsbane found within our territory.

5.) Keeping track of and monitoring all Voraniss legal documents including treaties, trade agreements, etc.

6.) Assist in the drafting of all legal documents.

7.) Organize visitor business before Voraniss court.


Current Champion: Mogar (will hold rank for 1 year until the Champion Trials)


1.) Stand as a paragon of Voraniss’ Honor & Strength.

2.) Represent Voraniss in conflicts both on and off the tournament field.

3.) Train and teach newer warriors to our lands and the Realms as a whole.

4.) Track and communicate equipment needs of Voraniss’ warrior class.

5.) Stand guard for Druidic Circle meetings.

6.) Celebrate and teach Voraniss culture and help to spread it throughout the Realms.


Current Villagers: Varrmagn, Amara, Esther, Mogar, Evie, Thoril, Helkias, Elowen, Tulkhan, Tempest, & Asher

Responsibilities: Villagers of Voraniss lack the formal responsibilities of the Circle, and yet much falls upon their shoulders. They are burdened with continuing to learn about Voraniss and the Realms, figuring out what their strengths are, where they fit in, and what they can do to promote the nation. Villagers are encouraged to share their ideas and their creativity with others, as a healthy and intellectually curious citizenry is the heart of any country. Villagers that want to follow the path to becoming members of the Circle should focus on helping the group, and show initiative in determining their own personal goals and learning new skills. When they have proven their potential, and their intentions are made known, they may be given a trial, task or vision quest to complete under the supervision of the Druids.



Current Settlers: Gundulf, Sagart, Quatra, Ruthade, Avendar, & Sebastian.

Responsibilities: Settlers are those that are just joining up with Voraniss, and those that want to make sure they are a good fit with our general populace. The primary goal of all settlers should be to learn about the nation and its members, and see if they will be happy there. To go from settler (petitioner) to villager (citizen) status, one must complete a three-step process that includes the following: 1.) Attend a minimum of six events with at least one member of the Circle in attendance, 2.) Complete any challenges/trials set before you by the Druids, and 3.) Swear an oath to the Archdruid near/on the Solstice or Equinox.

Anyone is welcome to approach Voraniss and inquire about joining, and/or our processes. We try to be very open with such information. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with Hygar, Kindrianna or Gavin.



When magical creatures and their allies unite in defense of their freedom and the forest they love, there is no telling what kinds of shenanigans might ensue.

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